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Expedition Cape Verde: Island Dreams in the Atlantic

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Once populated by the Portuguese, seemingly forgotten by the outside world – and now rediscovered by you – Cape Verde is one of the most fascinating expedition destinations. At first glance rugged and barren, you will enchanted by the unique beauty of this archipelago, the inhabitants of which have retained their own character. An insiders’ tip for all those in search of originality.

from Tenerife to Dakar

Cruise dates:from 13.10.2013 to 27.10.2013 (15 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1319

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Sun, 13.10.2013

Scheduled flight Frankfurt – Madrid – Tenerife**
Santa Cruz de Tenerife/Tenerife, arrival 21.00 hrs

Mon, 14.10.2013
- Tue, 15.10.2013

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 16.10.2013
- Sun, 20.10.2013

Ilhas de Barlavento – Islands over the Wind/Cape Verde
(Sal , Sao Nicolao , Sao Vicente , Santo Antao, Boa Vista )

In the kingdom of contrasts 
Steep volcanoes and gentle bays, expansive deserts and lush forests. Nature on the Cap Verde Islands presents incredible contrasts. With the BREMEN and their Zodiacs you will be able to explore the unknown islands intensively. In this true expedition territory you can look forward to fantastic discoveries such as on Sal: You will marvel at deserts and dry valleys from the starting point Palmeira on a Guided Island Tour*, that will lead you to the lake of the disused salt mine Pedra de Lume. Here you can bathe just like in the Dead Sea ... Or you can undertake a Jeep Safari in the Wild North* to the spectacular cliffs of Buracona. In contrast to this is the kilometre-long beach of Praia Santa Maria, which is an inviting place to take a long walk. A magnificent expedition premiere is ahead of you when the bizarre silhouette of the island Sao Nicolao appears on the horizon. Leaving from the small port of Tarrafal, the extensive mountainous landscapes of the island form a breathtaking backdrop for a Hike to Cachaco*. The views that you enjoy en route are some of the most beautiful on the archipelago. Far from any trodden paths you will also find Preguica, a small fishing village with original charm. Cultural capital of Cape Verde is Mindelo on  Sao Vicente, where the lively activity on the promenade will astound you. On the excursion Mindelo and Baia das Gatas* which departs from Monte Verde you will have a fantastic view of the town. In the “Bay of Cats” bizarre lava formations manifest the massive elementary forces that once formed Cap Verde. They can also be witnessed on your Hike to Sao Vicente* into the rugged interior of the island. The untamed elements of nature have also given  Santo Antao  its unmistakable appearance – as an island of mountains, wind and water i.e. a true paradise for hikers. From Porto Novo a Hike on the Trail of Sugar Cane* leads you to still craters and fragrant eucalyptus trees or a Guided Island Tour* into the lush green natural surroundings. Island dreams come true on Boa Vista  - sun, sand, wind and sea are responsible for the special charm of the island, the south of which is lined by a paradisiacal beach, perhaps the most beautiful on the Cape Verde Islands. The initially Boa Vista* is presented to you on a tour from Sal Rei through the northern part of the island  – past wonderful beaches – to the fishing village of Espingueira.

Mon, 21.10.2013
- Thu, 24.10.2013

Ilhas de Sotavento – Islands under the Wind (Brava , Fogo , Maio , Santiago)

Fantastic island, splendid premieres 
A fascinating change from the desert-like sister island is promised by the most floral island in Cape Verde: the BREMEN heads for the first time for Brava, the quiet villages and green terraces of which you can explore on a  Guided Tour of the Island* from Furna – or a  Hike in the Faja de Agua*. Just as impressive is the volcanic island of Fogo, that is dominated by the over 2,800-metre-high Pico do Fogo. A Guided Tour of the Island with Hike in the Caldera* goes as far as the inhabited crater on whose black slopes the locals have cultivated wine, maize and beans. Alternatively you can marvel at the numerous houses from colonial times in the picturesque main town Sao Filipe on a  Guided City Walk*. Also in Vila do Maio on Maio time appears to have stood still – perfect for relaxing on the wonderful beach. You can set off in search of historic traces on the largest island of Cape Verde with its variety of landscapes: the BREMEN heads for Santiago, its capital Praia showing itself proud of its African roots. On an excursion ‘From the New to the Old Capital* you will immerse yourself in the history of Ribeira Grande which you can also explore on an excursion Ribeira Grande and Island Tour*. The town was founded in 1462 by the first Portuguese settlers and will round off your unforgettable expedition with its imposing Fort Sao Filipe and superb views of the Atlantic. 

Fri, 25.10.2013

Relaxation at sea

Sat, 26.10.2013

Dakar/Senegal, arrival 6.00 hrs
Scheduled Dakar – Frankfurt

Sun, 27.10.2013

Arrival in Frankfurt

*  These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes. 

** Our tip for your direct travel arrangements to the cruise departure point: As an alternative to the connection with a changeover in Madrid, many charter flight companies offer direct flights. You can obtain further advice from and book with your local travel agent. 

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Specialist for Volcanology in the Expert Team

The graduate geologist and volcanologist Christof Hug-Fleck has

travelled almost all over the world on more than 130 excursions. The

science journalist has also made a name for himself internationally as a

result of his numerous reports that appear in reputable magazines and

newspapers, and with his more than ten books. On your expedition he will

explore with you i.a. the fascinating volcanic landscapes of the Cape

Verde Islands.