On board MS BREMEN from Vancouver to Reykjavik

Expedition Northwest Passage – Re-Discovered: a Legendary Sea Route

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The Northwest Passage is a fascinating myth. Delve deep into history when you follow in the footsteps of legendary explorers. But not only the past presents exciting aspects. Over the last few years signs of global warming have become increasingly apparent in the once impenetrable Passage. How will things look during your voyage? Paint a picture for yourself and experience a spectacular route that is still as unpredictable today.

from Vancouver to Reykjavik

Cruise dates:from 05.08.2013 to 02.09.2013 (29 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1314

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.


Mon, 05.08.2013

Scheduled flight Germany – Vancouver
Overnight stay with breakfast

Tue, 06.08.2013

Charter flight in the morning, transfer to Nome/Alaska/USA, departure 17.00 hrs

Wed, 07.08.2013
- Thu, 08.08.2013

Alaska (Point Hope , Barrow )

The route is the destination 
Your experience Northwest Passage will begin on a promontory in Alaska reaching far out into the sea: In  Point Hope  you will explore ancient cultic sites of the Inuits made of whale bones and the whalers’ cemetery. Also in  Barrow  the “King of the Seas” still plays a great role even today. Every summer numerous species of whales pass the coast of the northernmost town in the USA. With any luck you can spot them from the ship.

Fri, 09.08.2013

Relaxation at sea

Sat, 10.08.2013
- Tue, 20.08.2013

Adventure Northwest Passage – from the Beaufort Sea to the Lancaster Sound

On  Herschel Island  you can look forward to fascinating expedition experiences. With Canadian Rangers you will explore the former whaling community while perhaps rough-legged hawks circle above you. Always near to the coast the BREMEN will sail through the Canadian Arctic region and endow you with overwhelming views. In amazement you will marvel, for example, at the Smoking Hills  whose sulphuric lignite deposits have been burning for centuries and shroud the coast in clouds of smoke. On a hike with the experts in Holman, a centre of local arts and crafts, you will uncover the secret of the Inuksuit . With some luck you should sight musk oxen and Arctic foxes at  Ross Point, when you gaze across the endless tundra. Exciting insights into the history of the explorers are offered in Cambridge Bay. With the Zodiacs you will ride to the wreck of the “Maud” that Roald Amundsen had built specially to conquer the Northeast Passage. Your route again follows Amundsen’s footsteps and leads you to Jenny Lind Island which will enable you some unique wildlife observations as soon as you explore the territory of musk oxen, polar bears, snow owls and reindeer in the presence of an experienced polar bear patrol. Even on the narrow passage through Peel Sound the cry “Polar bear ahead!” may be heard. Even in the summer the spectacular strait is often covered in pack-ice through which the “King of the Arctic” prowls in his search for food.

Wed, 21.08.2013
- Thu, 22.08.2013

Nunavut/Kanada (Resolute , Beechey Island , Dundas Harbor )

With its ice-proof hull, the BREMEN continues her voyage and leads you to Resolute, the name of which is owed to a ship that went there in search of the missing Franklin Expedition. All traces were lost for ever on Beechey Island. Three graves and the remains of a house are the last silent witnesses. Enjoy the quiet expanses of the barren tundra and the clear Arctic air for the last time in Dundas Harbour – with the exhilarating feeling of being one of the few adventurers to have conquered the Northwest Passage.

Fri, 23.08.2013

Relaxation at sea

Sat, 24.08.2013
- Tue, 27.08.2013

West coast of Greenland (Uummannaq , Ilulissat , cruising in Disko Bay, Sisimiut , cruising in the Godthabfjord)

Greeland’s impressive coast 
The rugged coasts of the world’s largest island are an ideal territory for explorers and for the BREMEN to justify its classification as a genuine expedition ship once again. Your first impression of Greenland are the bright-coloured houses of  Uummannaq at the foot of the prominent, heart-shaped mountain. After a hike to the Eisfjord in Ilulissat you will experience one of the overwhelming highlights of your expedition – when cruising in Disko Bay breathtaking ice formations glisten in all shapes and colours. You are in the midst of all this on board the BREMEN and can enjoy the magnificent images that will remain imprinted on your memory for ever. And, when you step into the small museum village in Sisimiut through a gateway of whale jaw bones, this is an experience far from everyday life which is followed by superb panoramic views while cruising in the Godthabfjord .

Wed, 28.08.2013
- Thu, 29.08.2013

South coast of Greenland (Qaqortoq , Hvalsey , excursion through the Prins Christian Sund)

In Qaqortoq you can explore the historic buildings from colonial times as well as modern art -  reliefs chiselled in granite walls. On the other hand the particular charm of Hvalsey  lies in its landscape where you will even find traces of the Vikings. Finally, when passing through the  Prins Christian Sund, you will once again come very close to the glaciers of Greenland before you reach Reykjavik – at the end of an expedition about which you will speak for a long time to come.

Fri, 30.08.2013
- Sat, 31.08.2013

Relaxation at sea

Sun, 01.09.2013

Reykjavik/Iceland, arrival 8.00 hrs
Guided tour, overnight stay with breakfast

Mon, 02.09.2013

Excursion to Keflavik
Scheduled flight Keflavik - Frankfurt

During this expedition through the Northwest Passage, under certain circumstances changes in the itinerary may become necessary. Depending on the weather and ice conditions, the Captain will decide on the best possible alternatives.

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