On board MS BREMEN from Tokyo to Vancouver

Expedition to Kamchatka and Chukotka: close to Russia’s Far East

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Where massive volcanoes dominate the scenery and mighty waterfalls plunge thundering into the depths – this is where the North Pacific Ring of Fire is situated. In the infinite distances of a fascinating natural landscape created by primeval forces, you can look forward to an unforgettable expedition. On board the BREMEN you will explore virgin landscapes where a rich animal world can reveal itself undisturbed, and experience an adventure that has fallen to the lot of few before.

from Tokyo to Vancouver

Cruise dates:from 31.05.2013 to 22.06.2013 (23 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1310

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Fri, 31.05.2013

Scheduled flight Frankfurt – Tokyo

Sat, 01.06.2013

Connecting flight to Sapporo
Otaru (Sapporo) / Japan, departure 24.00 hrs

Sun, 02.06.2013


Mon, 03.06.2013
- Tue, 04.06.2013

Sakhalin / Russia (Korsakov, Tyuleniy )

Fascinating Sakhalin 
Welcome to the Sea of Okhotsk! Korsakov was once a penal colony, and achieved literary fame as a result of a travel report by Anton Chekhov. Off the east coast of Sakhalin the Zodiacs will take you to a fantastic natural paradise – the island of Tyuleniy, on whose beaches vast colonies of fur seals and Steller sea lions live, while countless guillemots have made their nests in the cloven cliffs above. You can look forward to breathtaking observations of the local fauna, and the first highlight of your expedition.

Wed, 05.06.2013
- Sat, 08.06.2013

Kuril Islands (including Ketoy , Yankicho , Matua , Atlasova , Shumshu )

The rough beauty of the Kuril Islands 
Green-clad volcanic cones shimmer through the banks of mist, the spray thunders against steep cliffs – the Kuril Islands are still an unspoilt expedition destination, which you will explore intensively in frequent Zodiac trips and landings. Off Ketoy you will marvel at the bizarre sea grottoes and rock formations where thousands of seabirds make their nests. On Yankicho, if the weather conditions are favourable, you can enter the interior of the steep caldera. The archaic forces which created the island in the distant past can still be seen today in the fumarole fields and hot springs. The small island of Matua too, which you will discover on foot, is dominated by the terrestrial fires. From one of the most active volcanoes of the Kurils we proceed to the highest – Alaid on Atlasova has a height of over 2000 metres. After landing on its black lava beach, you will take a walk in the company of our experts to reach the remains of the Taketomi tufa cone. Depending on weather conditions, you will have the chance of observing sea otters close up off the coast of Shumshu – with a bit of luck, they may even have their young with them.

Sun, 09.06.2013
- Mon, 17.06.2013

Kamchatka (including Petropavlovsk, Zhupanova , Kamenistaya Bay , Verkhoturova , Tymlat , Natalii Bay , Dezhnev Bay )

Unspoilt Kamchatka and Chukotka 
Volcanoes and geysers, cristalline rivers and deep fjords: the wilderness of Kamchatka is simply overwhelming. In this practically untouched home of the brown bear, the walrus and the seal, nature will often determine the programme of your expedition. The flexibility, experience and pioneering spirit of our crew will be crucial in ensuring that you get the best possible experience from your trip. With the aim of admiring the indescribable spectacle of smoking sulphur springs and water columns from the point of view of the giant sea eagle native to these parts, you take off in Petropavlovsk for a flight to the legendary Valley of the Geysers*, created 20,000 years ago. You will be thrilled by the waterspouts and jets of steam to be seen in this bizarre landscape. Then a helicopter flight over the majestic world of the volcanoes* promises you breathtaking panoramic views, while a flight to the adjacent Nalychevo Natural Park* gives you the opportunity of bathing in the hot springs. In the days to come you can look forward to intensive observations of the local fauna – near Zhupanova, for example, where the Zodiacs will take you in search of the Steller sea eagle and the earless seal. In Kamenistaya Bay you may be lucky enough to spot the mighty brown bear, while the beach of the small island of Verkhoturova is regularly visited by walruses. The expedition continues, taking you still further into the north. Along the craggy coast the BREMEN will find the best possible route for showing you the fascinating natural scenery and rich variety of the animal kingdom – in the Koryak village of Tymlat for instance, and in Natalii Bay and Dezhnev Bay, where walruses, whales and many seabirds make their home.

Tue, 18.06.2013

Chukotka (Meynipilgino village , Gavriila Bay )

To conclude your expedition you will visit Chukotka, the unknown country of the Chukchi close to the international date line. Traditionally the inhabitants live by fishing, hunting and reindeer breeding. In the little fishing village of Meynipilgino and in Gavriila Bay you can immerse yourself in the nature and culture of this remote region, with a wealth of fascinating insights – which you can investigate in greater depth when you visit the Natural History Museum in Provideniya.

Wed, 19.06.2013

Provideniya / Chukchi Peninsula
Crossing the international date line (day counts twice)

Wed, 19.06.2013

Nome/Alaska/USA, arrival 19.30 hrs
Overnight stay on board

At Nome you then reach the furthest western point in the USA. From here you can look back on Russia’s remotest east – and on an unforgettable expedition.

Thu, 20.06.2013

Charter flight to Vancouver
Overnight stay with breakfast

Fri, 21.06.2013

Scheduled flight Vancouver – Germany

Sat, 22.06.2013

Arrival in Germany

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price.

The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes. On this expedition to Kamchatka and Chukotka, the Zodiac landings are subject to consent from the authorities, and rescheduling of the trip may be necessary. Depending on the weather and local conditions, the captain will decide on the best possible alternative.

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