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Expedition Knowledge: Boom and Buddha

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Wilfried König, China expert, says: ‘The gigantic Middle Kingdom is a land of extremes, where major economic projects and the spirit of the future come together with quiet Buddhist temples and the gods of the past. On this trip China’s contrasts will be compressed for you into fabulous experiences and startling realisations.’

from Manila to Shanghai

Cruise dates:from 05.05.2013 to 17.05.2013 (13 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1308

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Sun, 05.05.2013

Scheduled flight Frankfurt – Manila

Mon, 06.05.2013

Manila/Philippines, departure 18.00 hrs

Tue, 07.05.2013

Hundred Islands / Philippinen 10.30 to 17.00 hrs

Wed, 08.05.2013

Relaxtion at the sea

Thu, 09.05.2013

Hong Kong

On the excursion to Hong Kong Island, Aberdeen and Victoria Peak* you will see the Dragon’s Hole – a skyscraper that is so cunningly built that the dragon who supposedly lives behind the building can fly through it. Exciting Backstage encounters* await you as well, not least when you visit the stock exchange – for Chinese companies the most important centre for the acquisition of international capital. Or you may choose to leave the atmosphere of the megacity behind on an Expert excursion to Lantau – island of tranquillity and spirituality*. Together with China expert Wilfried König you can explore the Po Lin monastery, which has one of the world’s biggest freestanding statues of the Buddha – a really inspiring spectacle.

Fri, 10.05.2013

Hong Kong, departure 6.00 hrs

Sat, 11.05.2013

Xiamen, from 8.00 to 18.00 hrs

Eventful history, dynamic cities 
Xiamen is thought to be the cleanest city in China. The special economic zone at the same time symbolises the headlong economic development of the country, while the people in the surrounding mountainous region still live to some extent by the old traditions. The Roundhouses of the Hakka*, for instance, which have formed part of the UNESCO World Culture Heritage since 2010, can accommodate up to 100 families. With their castle-like design, they are very well worth a visit. You can also travel back in time to a fascinating past when you visit Quanzhou, which used to be one of China’s most important ports. The impressive Traces of the Silk Road on the sea* to be found here include the Kaiyuan Temple, flanked by life-sized guardian figures on horseback, as well as one of the oldest mosques in the country. 

Sun, 12.05.2013

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 13.05.2013

Putuo Shan, from 8.00 to 15.00 hrs

The living heritage of Buddhism, widespread in China since the 7th century, can be experienced on the holy island of Putuo Shan. The mountain of the same name is the smallest of the four holy mountains of Chinese Buddhism. More than 20 temple and monastery complexes are hidden away in the midst of the green forests.  Be inspired by the peaceful atmosphere on an Expert excursion to the holy mountain of Putuo*, or you may prefer to take an Island hike*.

Tue, 14.05.2013

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 15.05.2013

Quindao/China, 7.00 to 18.00 hrs

Thu, 16.05.2013

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 17.05.2013

Scheduled flight Shanghai - Germany

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