On board MS BREMEN from Tokyo to Manila

Expedition to Palau and the Philippines: jewels to be discovered in the Pacific Ocean

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So fascinatingly beautiful that they can hardly be described – with Yap, Palau and the Philippines tropical island pearls are lined up one after another on this expedition,such as you might see in a picture book. Off the tourist beaten track you can explore fabulous insider tips of the Pacific, which can best be discovered with a small, manoeuverable expedition vessel like the BREMEN

from Tokyo to Manila

Cruise dates:from 21.04.2013 to 07.05.2013 (17 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1307

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Sun, 21.04.2013

Scheduled flight from Germany – Tokyo

Mon, 22.04.2013

Overnight stay with breakfast

Tue, 23.04.2013

Scheduled flight to Guam
Apra Harbor / Guam / USA, departure 18.00 hrs

Wed, 24.04.2013

Relaxation at sea

Thu, 25.04.2013


Hidden away in the Pacific – Yap and Palau
By the turquoise lagoons of Micronesia the hectic rush of the world is a thing of the past. Jungles run wild over bizarre limestone cliffs, and the shimmering coral gardens contain an abounding variety of unspoilt animal life. The traditional culture of the inhabitants has been preserved as well. Particularly pristine is the island of Yap, which you can explore on an Island tour*. You will be amazed by the deposits of round stone money at the front of the houses, or you can go Snorkeling in the Philippine Sea* and get your first glimpse of the exotic underwater world of the Pacific.

Fri, 26.04.2013
- Sat, 27.04.2013


You can look forward to unforgettable impressions both above and below the water in the convoluted island kingdom of Palau. Between tiny islands which have sprung up like vegetated mushrooms out of the shimmering blue-green sea, the BREMEN makes for the one-time capital, Koror. Making this your base you can explore the Floating Gardens* of the fantastic Rock Islands – bizarre coral structures that are one of the world’s most beautiful locations for diving. Exotic birds and primeval mangroves are to be met with on the route to Snorkeling in Jelly Fish Lake*. Here you can swim surrounded by hundreds of thousands of jellyfish – an overwhelming panorama and a unique experience. 

Sun, 28.04.2013
- Mon, 29.04.2013

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 30.04.2013


The unknown Philippines 
The lively provincial capital Tagbilaran on the island of Bohol is your gateway to the wonders of the island state. The excursion to the Chocolate Hills* shows you unbelievable formations which rise up out of the ground like thousands of identical molehills. They owe their name to the brown colour they take on during the dry season. After a river trip through the jungle you will make the acquaintance of the strange denizens of these forests, the tarsiers. Alternatively you can visit Panglao Island*, where you will find beach walks and a magical stalactite cave.

Wed, 01.05.2013

Malapascua Island

Continue to enjoy your dreamy island idyll on the beach of Malapascua Island, before the BREMEN continues its voyage to further destinations.

Thu, 02.05.2013
- Sat, 04.05.2013

Calamian Group (Busuanga , Coron Island , Culion Island , Malcapuya Island [@,] Sangat Island )

Few adventurers before you have been lured by their longing for the exotic to the islands of the Calamian Group. The agile BREMEN with its low draught is ideal for this voyage through shallow lagoons flanking vertical limestone cliffs. Where cashews grow, wild peacocks live and white sand beckons, the Zodiacs take to the water in their turn, giving you a chance of intensively exploring untouched natural paradises like Dicalubuan Island. If you want to get an impression of the archipelago in all its splendour, it is worth climbing Mount Tayas on the island of Busuanga – above all at a time when the sun is sinking into the ocean in a blaze of colour. Fantastic views also await you on the Coron Island Tour with Blue Lagoon*. In the thickly forested interior of the island – just opposite Busuanga – you will find hidden treasures like the gleaming turquoise crater lake of Kayangan, where you can see right to the bottom and where you will be able to discover shimmering stalactites. Off the coast of Culion the Zodiacs will take you close up to the mangrove forests, and you will also be able to learn about the eventful history of the little island. Sangat Island is still almost as pristine today as when it rose out of the sea millions of years ago – so it is hardly surprising that the kingfishers, monkeys and monitor lizards are unafraid of man. After the passage of thickly overgrown, bizarrely eroded cliffs, you reach the crystalline bay of North Cay – where again you can feel what it was like to be Robinson Crusoe.

Sun, 05.05.2013

Apo Riff , Pandan Islands

A visit to the shimmering underwater gardens 
Here you can look forward to the opportunity of diving into the sea at one of the most fabulous reefs of the world, surrounded by glorious tropical fish – or alternatively, you can relax on the sandy beach. The Apo Reef forms part of the Apo Reef Marine Natural Park, which is a conservation area. You have a good chance when snorkeling of meeting sea turtles. As a final climax you are invited to discover the Pandan Islands, where you can follow the traces of the Pandan palm on a beach walk, before you take your leave of the unspoilt beauty of the Pacific in Manila.

Mon, 06.05.2013

Manila/Philippines, arrival 8.00 hrs
Scheduled flight Manila – Frankfurt

Tue, 07.05.2013

Arrival in Frankfurt

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes.

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