Island hopping exclusive:
from Sylt to Manhattan, non-stop

The four winds had gathered together for this world premiere and blew the ALBERT BALLIN private jet at top speed across the pond, until the sun shone out from beneath the dense cloud coverage and welcomed the passengers to breakfast. Lady Liberty waved from the distance: "Welcome to America!" So ended the first stage of the world tour by private jet on the world's first direct flight from Westerland to New York. Truly exclusive island hopping. From Sylt to Manhattan, non-stop.

A tour in the private jet promises adventure in comfort, deluxe style. No irritating waiting around in the airport, no rushing from one gate to the next, no stressful organisation - just pure enjoyment, plain and simple. Only a world tour in your own plane could top this concept. Yet then there would still be quite a lot to organise: shuttles, hotels, excursions, restaurant reservations - so it's really wonderful when every aspect of a tour is sorted out to perfection. And you can look forward entirely to the highly promising route: Sylt - New York - Quebec - Kodiak - Osaka - Palau - Hanoi - Zanzibar - Stuttgart. Around the world in 19 days.

A tour in a private jet is like a "cruise above the clouds". Seated in the plane, you jet off from one city to the next, while sights line up one after another that no other flight schedule in the world unites. All that within an exclusive group: the jet has been fitted out to accommodate only 44 passengers, thereby offering the ultimate in comfort and luxurious spaciousness. The angled, lie-flat seats transform into comfortable recliners. Those not wishing to sleep will find an iPad at each seat offering a tailor-made entertainment and information programme.

The ALBERT BALLIN private jet, named after the visionary who launched the first pleasure cruise 125 years ago with the AUGUSTA VICTORIA, has already flown almost everywhere in the world. Nevertheless, guests can look forward to a constantly changing programme of new destinations. Take, for example, the current routes heading for tour experiences that are far from familiar- places where in bygone times caravans plied their route and Marco Polo made travelling history, between steppe and Table Mountain to Africa or from London to Istanbul via Tehran on the trail of a legendary diamond.

The special appeal of a "cruise above the clouds" lies in the hitherto unprecedented combination of destinations. In addition, supreme comfort, outstanding service and the company of a superb team of renowned experts, an experienced tour guide and an on-board doctor. Thus participants on the world tour on board the private jet first explored Manhattan and one of its best restaurants, paid a visit by seaplane to the bears in Kodiak (Alaska), they strolled through the magnificent Ryoan-ji Hojo Temple Garden in Osaka, visited Uncle Ho in Hanoi and bathed in the turquoise-coloured sea between the limestone islands of Palau.

World tour in figures

Around the world in 19 days – the world tour route went from Sylt to Stuttgart via New York, Quebec, Osaka, Palau, Saigon and Zanzibar:

  • 4 continents
  • 7 countries
  • 44 seats
  • 39,700 km (24,668 mi.)

Late afternoon. The sun shone with all its might, and champagne sparkled in the glass. Below, the turquoise-green water of the Indian Ocean. ALBERT BALLIN approached the final destination of this tour off the coast of Tanzania. "Welcome to Zanzibar." There were some guests who just could not believe that they had already nearly circumnavigated the world.

Special tours by privat jet

In February 2015, the ALBERT BALLIN private jet set off on a seven-day tour of Lapland, Iceland and Greenland. A prominent companion on board was science journalist and TV presenter Ranga Yogeshwar. With lectures on topics such as "How does temperature affect life?" and "The history of ice", he provided background information on the highlights of this exclusive tour for just 40 guests, which included a night in the Ice Hotel in Lapland and a flight over Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

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