Reinventing the cruise with events

First he drew out the smoking gun to give the salmon a special, smoky flavour, and then Nelson Müller grabbed the microphone and sang a love song. Cooking and music. Gourmet feasting and swing. Passions that go together perfectly, as Michelin-starred chef Nelson Müller demonstrated on the pool deck stage of the EUROPA 2. To mark the port anniversary in Hamburg in 2015 - simultaneously the second birthday of the EUROPA 2 - Müller created a soulful combination of salmon, asparagus and love. It was the main course at a particularly tasteful event: Soul Kitchen - cooking, singing and dancing.

The modern version of cruising turns the ship into an event location. With Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, you don't just move from one fascinating destination to the next. Here, you experience a 125 year-long cruising tradition in which the journey itself is the objective. What is unusual about this is not only the highly aspirational route planning, but also a certain sense of thematic excitement. So how do you generate that excitement? By turning a ship into more than just the stage for an event - by "giving it soul."

At Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, those responsible for this "soul giving" are Susanna Kitzl, Head of Culture and Entertainment, and her team. "How do we manage to breathe soul into a cruise or event? By setting up genuine encounters on board," says Kitzl.  "With us, guests get right up close to selected artists and stars." Their personal involvement turns themed cruises into truly exceptional experiences. Thus, guests have a choice of one-day events like Soul Kitchen and fashion2night - a gala event all about fashion. Or they can opt for one of the themed cruises where the focus is on cookery, but with the additional elements of fashion and art - in other words, the most beautiful things in life.

During fashion2night, the EUROPA 2 is transformed into a glittering place of beauty. A selection of famous designers such as Perret Schaad and Michael Sontag are on board to give guests special insights into their work and the world of fashion. There is a catwalk by the pool and a pop-up store offering exclusive fashion items. Every important city is allocated an area on the ship. Paris enchants with macarons, New York impresses in the Jazz Bar and London radiates international glamour with a video installation on famous fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. A dazzling event.

An equally brilliant, but above all inspiring, cruise is art2sea. High-profile experts such as Dr Lisa Zeitz, editor-in-chief of Weltkunst, and the director of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Axel Rüger, preside over stimulating discussions that turn this cruise into a journey into the world of art. At fashion2sea, fashion designer Steffen Schraut collaborates with the magazine GALA to take guests on a fashion cruise that is an unforgettable celebration of style. A good friend of the fashion designer will also be joining him on board: star chef Roland Trettl will ensure that plates are filled with all sorts of delicious creations. Encounters with the stars and exhilarating moments, culture and cuisine - those are the ingredients for special cruises that not only stir the soul of the ship, but also the guests.

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